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Al-Baydani-Alzawiya, Fatima surveyor, General Manager of the foundation)

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Fatima Al-Baydani-Alzawiya was born in al-Bayda in Yemen, and studied secondary level in Aden. After studying medicine in Damascus, she taught this discipline at the University of Sana’a for a short period of time before turning towards her real passion: Yemen’s heritage. She started the collection of oral literature documents (poetry, tales and proverbs) throughout every region in Yemen, teaching several young people the collecting techniques. Her works and studies led her to collaborate with many cultural and scientific institutions, including the French Center for Archaeology and Social Sciences of Sana’a (CEFAS, by its French acronym), the Social Fund for Development in Yemen (FSD, by its French acronym) and the Normal Superior School in Paris. In 2001, she created a cultural association named “Meel al-Dhahab”, which is the name of the stick used to apply the kohl, with reference to the female beauty, but renamed it later in 2014 “Aydanout”, namely “queen” in ancient South Arabian Arabic language. Today, this center is a depository of thousands of documents collected from all over Yemen in the form of recordings, photos, videos and books. Fatima Al-Baydani-Alzawiya participated in several conferences in the Arab world as well as in Europe and America. She also published many articles and books. She is currently working on a dictionary of terms taken from the daily life in Yemen. Fatima Al-Baydani-Alzawiya also collaborates with researchers from the IREMAM on the field of the popular oral poetry in Hadramaout, as well as on tales related to the hammams of Sana’a.

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